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The Battle of Manor Vs Food!

‘We’re Dan and Susie and we’ve done nearly every job in our supperclub biz…’

and yes we’ve come over all Adam Richman for the weekend as part of our eagerly awaited Manor Vs Food event!

We love Man Vs Food and can often be found salivating over our TV at the images of huge greasy burgers, smoky ribs and melted cheese..well, melted cheese on pretty much everything! So what better theme for a supperclub – huge portions and lots of spice!

Dinner at the Manor - Manor Vs Food

We didn’t focus on a specific recipe book for this event, however we did look to Jamie Oliver’s ‘America’ for some inspiration as it’s a good beginners compendium to regional American food, including BBQ.

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The Manor did Jamie Does…

We’ve had a bit of a break from our supperclub duties as of late, but were back with a bang this weekend for the summer. The inspiration for our latest feast was Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Does book, which sees him travel all over Europe putting his twist on local cuisine. This book appealed to me as it’s so colourful and introduces some really exciting ingredients and dishes that you don’t always find in Jamie’s other books, which are accessible but sometimes a bit predictable. We’re both working full time again now so we’ve stopped our double weekender events to make sure that the hosting experience is an enjoyable one for us!

The menu was a good one to prep for in advance which meant that cooking on the night was calm and serene! We welcomed guests with a summery cocktail of our homemade pear wine mixed with homemade elderflower cordial and sparkling water. It was fruity and fresh and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone. Our canapes, served in the library as usual, were an exotic mix of treats from Spain, Morocco and Sweden. They included slivers of hot chorizo cooked with garlic; briouats – filo pastry wraps of a spiced ratatoille; and home made rye crisp breads topped with a salmon and beetroot gravadlax and creme fraiche. These were colourful and full of flavour – a great start to 6 course meal!

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Dinner at the Manor’s July Jamie Menu

After a well earned holiday from the whirlwind of Dinner at the Manor, we are refreshed, relaxed and BACK!

Our Jamie Does... event is coming in just over a couple of weeks’ time and we want to share some gems with our guests from this book.

Have a look at the menu – what do you think?

Also, we’ll be announcing our Autumn / Winter dates this weekend, so please keep your eyes peeled if you want to grab a space!

Jamie Does…Dinner at the Manor!

Saturday July 14th 2012 – Sorry, this event is now sold out!

A few weeks back we held a poll on the site to see whether there would be interest in a Jamie Oliver themed event and the results were a resounding thumbs up!

Everyone has a Jamie Oliver book in their collections. His simple, no fuss approach to food inspired us all in the late 1990’s and he’s still a stalwart of British cookery years later.

The book we’ve chosen for this one is Jamie Does… and we will be showcasing dishes from across Europe and beyond. Expect rustic French flavours muscling up to the delicate flavours of Sweden, with a bit of Morrocan spice thrown in for good measure. We want to show that this lesser known book is a revelation!

£30.50 donation per person will provide a 6 course menu and welcome drink. A £15.00pp deposit secures you place now!

Sorry, this event is now sold out 

Jamie O or Jamie No?

Here at Dinner at the Manor we love to gauge the opinions of our guests and anyone interested in our supperclub! We want to bring you themes based on the hundreds of cookery books that are resting on our shelves…

Which got us thinking. Both myself and Martini Man’s bookshelves are littered with the publications of one man who has changed the way we think about food – Jamie Oliver.

We think he’s a bit of an interesting one…we own many of his books, yet would anyone want to come to an event themed around his books? In our eyes he’s a love him or hate him character but you can’t deny his passion for food and ultimately changing the way we think about food over the past 10 plus years. Be it changing school dinners or getting the nation to eat healthy, fresh meals – the man is passionate about good food. Martini Man helps this cause and volunteers the Ministry of Food!

What do you think of Jamie Oliver? Would you come to a JO inspired Dinner at the Manor evening? (We promise that we wouldn’t base it on 30 minute meals, although that could be a challenge?!)