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A Right Curry On!

Our Indian summer event came to the Manor the other weekend, or should I say ‘Monsoon summer’ as the day was filled with torrential rain one minute and then glorious sunshine the next! We used our favourite Indian cookery books for this supperclub. Prashad was the inspiration for the veggie street food elements and Madhar Jaffrey’s Curry Bible the instructor for the British curry classics.

This event was one of our family style servings and so once guests had arrived and were seated we started to bring out the onslaught of food. The welcome drink was a ‘Bollywood’ spice, an unusual concoction of orange juice and vodka shaken over ice with the seeds and pith of many green chillis. The chillis are then sieved out and the drink topped up with soda water and given a few drops of grenadine for sweetness and colour. It had a definite spicy tingle to it, which was warming and pleasant, rather than being overpowering.

Dinner at the Manor Bollywood Spice

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Great British Afternoon Tea – July Menu

Just when we thought we might get the glimmer of some kind of summer, the Great British weather comes and puts a dampener on it! Nonetheless in three week’s time we will be hosting a wonderful summer themed afternoon tea!

Expect fruity, fresh flavours, homemade bread, jams, pastries and cakes and all the fun of the Manor!

We’ve also procured a new gadget at the Manor so we’ll be showcasing our own smoked trout! Exciting! (Well, it is for us!)

Let us know what you think!

Right, best get back to planning for our Indian Summer event this Saturday! 🙂

July 2013 - British Summer Afternoon Tea