Jamie O or Jamie No?

Here at Dinner at the Manor we love to gauge the opinions of our guests and anyone interested in our supperclub! We want to bring you themes based on the hundreds of cookery books that are resting on our shelves…

Which got us thinking. Both myself and Martini Man’s bookshelves are littered with the publications of one man who has changed the way we think about food – Jamie Oliver.

We think he’s a bit of an interesting one…we own many of his books, yet would anyone want to come to an event themed around his books? In our eyes he’s a love him or hate him character but you can’t deny his passion for food and ultimately changing the way we think about food over the past 10 plus years. Be it changing school dinners or getting the nation to eat healthy, fresh meals – the man is passionate about good food. Martini Man helps this cause and volunteers the Ministry of Food!

What do you think of Jamie Oliver? Would you come to a JO inspired Dinner at the Manor evening? (We promise that we wouldn’t base it on 30 minute meals, although that could be a challenge?!)

1 thought on “Jamie O or Jamie No?

  1. Bagpus (@Bagpus)

    Jamie is an antidote to all the fussy, over trendy foodies out there. He clearly enjoys cooking & eating, which is inspiring. He makes cooking easy to understand and accessible. Even though he can come across as an overkeen puppy or as a prat at times, he gets a big Yeah here!


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