What you need to know

What you need to know about Dinner at the Manor events:

  • If you have booked on to an event then your Paypal confirmation acts as your booking receipt.
  • The menu will be set about a week before the supperclub, we’ll email our guests and also publish the menu on the website. You will need to let us know your dietary requirements or food allergies as soon as you book so that we can ensure you are catered for.
  • You will be provided with a decadent multi-course meal. Some events will be our exclusive “wine and dine” events where we will be licensed to serve alcohol and will pair craft beer or wine to our dishes. At all times you will be able to bring along your own tipple of choice.
  • We alternate between dinners, lunches and afternoon teas each month.
  • This is very much a sociable occasion! At the Manor you are encouraged to mix and mingle with new people. Dinner is served in our Victoriana dining room around one large dining table for 12 people.
  • To book on you need to buy ‘tickets’ for the event you want to come to. Prices range from £30pp for an afternoon tea; £38pp for an 8-course lunch/dinner; or more for a supperclub experience that comes with paired wines or craft beer (typically £50+pp). Check out the availability page to see what tickets are for sale. Our refund policies are as follows:
    • If you find you are unable to come and can let us know within 3 weeks of the event then we can refund your ticket price in full.
    • If you find you are unable to come and can let us know within 2 weeks of the event then we can refund 50% of your ticket price.
    • If you find you are unable to come and let us know within less than 2 weeks of the event then we are sorry but we are unable to offer any refund as by this time we have usually placed orders and paid for food plus we are a small operation.
    • As our events tend to get fully booked in advance, we are unable to transfer tickets to other events due to lack of availability.
    • If we cancel an event then we will refund your ticket price in full.
  • We do not hold a waiting list for supperclubs – the best thing to do is to sign up for alerts from this blog, follow us on twitter (@datm_leeds), or like our facebook page – where all new events and any last minute availability, due to cancellation, are announced.
  • The secret location of the supper club will be announced by email a week before the event. We are less than two miles from Leeds city centre and are well serviced by bus routes and taxis. We will be happy to offer any transport advice. We would be grateful if you could keep the location secret so that it can be a surprise for future guests.
  • For evening events the Manor opens at 7pm sharp and closes by 11pm at the latest. The last of the food tends to be served by 10.30pm – this is not a fast food affair! Afternoon teas are served 2pm to 4pm and lunches served 12.30pm to 3pm.
  • We often get asked if there is a dress code. We suggest you wear whatever you would normally wear to dinner and which you are comfortable in! Please note that we do politely ask guests not to wear spiky heeled shoes – we have lovely wooden floors that we would like to keep preserved and heels cause them all manner of unnecessary damage. We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.
  • We may also, from time to time, have a photographer at our events who will be taking pictures of the night for use on our website. We don’t tend to take photos of guests but please do let us know if you’d like to opt out of any photographs we take.
  • We support local food producers. If you are a local food producer then do get in touch to discuss working together.
  • Whilst our events are themed around our favourite cook books, none of the chefs/ authors will make an appearance – all the cooking, cleaning and hosting is us!
We hope you enjoy your evening!
Sticky Pinny & Martini Man

22 thoughts on “What you need to know

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