Dinner at the Manor Officially Open!

After much anticipation we finally held our very first proper supperclub event. Inspired by Nigella’s Feast we delivered a 7 course meal to our 14 lovely diners, a collection of interesting and friendly folk from all across Yorkshire.

We were thrilled to have such a good group of people at our first event. However, we were very surprised that what we expected to be a crisp autumnal evening was actually the hottest day of the century! Perhaps we should have put the bbq on?!

We cannot lie when we say that we worked solidly from first thing on Saturday morning, as well as all day Friday, to ensure that the meal was all prepared and ready to go. However it was lots of fun and a healthy challenge for our cooking skills.

I think our main concern was making sure our guests enjoyed themselves, but judging by the chatter and laughter coming from the dining room, this wasn’t a worry for very long!

We’ll let Nick’s brilliant pictures do the talking for a while…

Yorkshire Blue Rarebit
Fish PieFish Pie
Lemon Meringue Cake
Passion fruit Jelly
Our guests loved the milk bottles!

Special thanks go out to Richard and Nick – without their help we would not have managed at all – how people do this on their own I will never know!

Our last guests left at 2am, surely a sign of a good night? We hope they all enjoyed the experience. We look forward to opening up our doors again in November – once we’ve finished washing up!

Cheers to all supperclub owners and guests, we now understand how exhausting, yet how exhilarating this all is.


4 thoughts on “Dinner at the Manor Officially Open!

  1. Sharon

    The evening exceeded our expectations. Lynn’s write up says it all and Nick’s photos good enough to eat. The food and wine were spectacular. Hope to see you all again. Best wishes for the future dinners.

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