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Secrets of the supperclub

We often get asked what it’s like to run a supperclub from my home as well as what we did to get it started. So I thought I’d write this post to give you a behind the scenes look into Dinner at the Manor.

We decided we wanted to run a restaurant from home having seen supperclubs reported in the media. Kerstin Rodgers’ book Supperclub, was a huge inspiration and really helped us from getting from pipe dream to reality. Although Susie and I do not live together I knew she was a good cook and thought we’d make a good team at running Dinner at the Manor. Susie runs food blog Sticky Pinny.

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Winter Wines!

We served some delicious wines at our December supperclub, which was inspired by Delia Smith. We thought we’d do a bit of a blog post on them in case you want to treat yourself this Christmas. We were keen to use a local wine and were intrigued by Leeds’ own Leventhorpe vineyard, located just outside Woodlesford in south Leeds.

Most people look at me aghast when I say we served Leeds wine. Most think that either it’s impossible to produce wine so far North, or that it’s going to taste disgusting! In fact wine has been produced in Leeds for thousands of years. There’s evidence that there have been vines grown in the area of Leventhorpe vineyard since the Roman times. Also, if you look at old maps of Leeds, from the 17/1800s there are many vineyards located all across the region. The emergence of mining meant that these were often forsaken to obtain coal. Now it seems we have been brainwashed by marketing to think that we can’t make wine in the UK and that it has to come from France, Italy, Spain or the new world.

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