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Mrs Beeton comes to Dinner at the Manor

Saturday 10 March 2012

Sorry, this event is now sold out

We’ll be taking the Manor back to its roots in March when we dabble with a bit of Mrs Beeton’s Household Management for this menu. We’ll be bringing some Victorian classics into the 21st century but serving them in our very Victorian surroundings.

We’ve all heard of Mrs Beeton from her world famous compendium of recipes and housekeeping tips. What is less known about her is that she wasn’t really a cook herself but was a journalist who pinched recipes from her peers. Despite this, Household Management is still an excellent snapshot of life in mid Victorian Britain. Beeton’s writing has undoubtedly inspired some of the biggest cooks of the 20th century (Delia Smith and Jane Grigson to name but a few) – but can her old fashioned wares stick it in the modern day?! Continue reading