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China comes to the Manor

This Saturday saw a bit of China come to the Manor. It was hard work, but using Ken Hom & Ching He-Huan’s book Exploring China, we were able to pull off what we hope was an authentic feast!  The book is a really good introduction into the regional cuisines within China and shows that Chinese food is definitely not all MSG laden and greasy, which is unfortunately the misconception we have in the UK. Dan and I were immediately attracted to the Sichuan dishes within the book and most of the dishes we served up followed that lead.

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April Menu – A Chinese Feast

Up next is our April event – this one sees me going back to my “roots” and we’ll be cooking up a delectable feast of Chinese dishes from Ken Hom and Ching He Huan’s 2012 book Exploring China.

In a departure from our usual proceedings, we’ll be serving up an array of dishes “family style”, which is exactly the Chinese way. There are also a couple of surprise additions, which will be served up on the night – don’t worry, we won’t be serving up chicken feet or other such delicacies!

We’ve tested the recipes and think that whilst familiar, they will give a great spin on traditional Chinese dishes. This event will be exciting and interactive, and one we’re both looking forward to.

We’ll see our guests on the 20th!