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American Afternoon Tea Menu

We’re hosting an Afternoon Tea tomorrow and the theme is all things filthy and American. We thought we’d tease you with the menu so you can see how lucky our guests will be! Let us know what you think and look out for photos from the event in the next couple of days!

May 2015 Menu

Review – Twisted Burger Company, Aire Bar

Well, burger me – yet another burger joint has descended upon Leeds. Not that this is a bad thing. Oh no, this is a good thing. With so much choice on our doorstep it means that all burger purveyors need to up their game and I’m more than happy to inhale as many of the little meaty blighters on the way.Twisted Burger Co

The Twisted Burger Company are new to the city, setting up residence at Aire Bar a few weeks ago. However, they’re actually old hands at this burger malarkey, having flipped them since 2011 over on the wrong side of Yorkshire (Sheffield 🙂 ) I’d read a few of the reviews knocking about over the past few weeks and they seemed decent enough, so we decided to head over to do some serious chowing down. Continue reading

Manor vs Food – August Menu

Our big US inspired event is coming in a few weeks time and we can’t wait to share the menu with you all!

At Dinner at the Manor we love a bit (a lot!) of Man vs Food and this menu is a homage to all things U S of A! We’ve been playing with smoke, meat and cheese to recreate some unique flavours. Our guests are in for a real treat endurance test!

August 2013 - Manor vs Food

We’d love to know what you all think. I’m salivating already!

Don’t forget, if this tickles your tastebuds, we’ll be announcing our next wave of events on Thursday 1st August at 7pm!