Review – Twisted Burger Company, Aire Bar

Well, burger me – yet another burger joint has descended upon Leeds. Not that this is a bad thing. Oh no, this is a good thing. With so much choice on our doorstep it means that all burger purveyors need to up their game and I’m more than happy to inhale as many of the little meaty blighters on the way.Twisted Burger Co

The Twisted Burger Company are new to the city, setting up residence at Aire Bar a few weeks ago. However, they’re actually old hands at this burger malarkey, having flipped them since 2011 over on the wrong side of Yorkshire (Sheffield 🙂 ) I’d read a few of the reviews knocking about over the past few weeks and they seemed decent enough, so we decided to head over to do some serious chowing down.

Beers in hand, we settled down to peruse the menu. What was good to see were just how many burgers were on offer, not just beef, but chicken, bacon and veggie variants. Nothing seemed too novelty / gimmicky plus, the sides seemed fun too. Where would we start, and would we finish?! I have to admit, I think we went a bit overboard…

I had to go for the Pig Daddy Kane – Anyone that knows me will tell you I have a bit of an obscene obsession with porky dishes. When I saw that this burger came with pulled pork and chorizo & apple jam, it had to be. Soft, tender pulled pork, not at all dry as it can sometimes be, with just the right amount of sweetness from the Kraken rum bbq sauce and chorizo jam. a decent level of smokiness meant that this was truly a delicious bite! The patties were soft and juicy, cooked to the right level of pink. The soft brioche bun mopped up the juices wonderfully, without disintegrating into mush. To my mind the bun is just as important as the filling and this stood up!

The Husband always has to go for something spicy and so chose a This is Hardcore (Loving the Pulp references by the way) – double patty, deep fried jalapenos, hot sauce and nduja sausage (a soft fiery salami from Calabria). Hot stuff indeed. Not a ridiculous punch you in the b***ocks heat that makes you cry for weeks, but rather one that creeps up and bites you on the lips, leaving you ready for another bite.

To accompany the meaty treats, we chose the Harley House Fries (a truckload of skin on fries with cajun seasoning), Big Poppa bits (deep fried jalapenos) and the Crack and Cheese – mac and cheese, pimp my ride style.

The mac and cheese, was a winner for me. There are two schools of thought with mac and cheese. you either like lots of oozy cheesy sauce, or you like a thick sauce that clings to the pasta. I prefer the latter so the Crack and Cheese was exactly my crack! The pickled jalapenos cut through the richness of the cheese and the bacon bits added some delicious, crunchy salt to the party.

Not happy with already eaten a truckload of jalepenos, we got them deep fried too. Crunchy, pickled, with a rumble of heat, they were complimented well by the smoked cheese sauce. My only comment about the sauce was that I felt it was a bit thin. the flavour was there, but I would have preferred it a bit thicker.

Happy and full, our bill (we took advantage of the 50% discount on burgers until 20th April) came to £17. An absolute bargain and would have still been so without the discount. Call me a TBC fan girl after our first fling and I’ll definitely be back again.

This isn’t fine dining, this is a pub burger, served in a basket, in a decent, if not forgotten bar (the last time I went to Aire Bar was in my student days!) at a decent price. Aire bar have made a shrewd move getting TBC in, so get some of their burgers down your hole!


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