Trinity Kitchen – New Street Eats

A couple of weeks ago we were invited along to Trinity Kitchen to try out the new influx of street food vendors for the next few weeks. I was very excited to see another diverse range of food pit stops touting their wares. On offer for this session were MEATwagon, one of the UK’s foremost street food pioneers and are set to open up shop (MEATLiquor) in Leeds later this year. Two Asian inspired vendors, Dorshi who create fusion dishes from British Ingredients, Harajuku Kitchen from Edinburgh, who’ve travelled down to share their gyoza and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with the residents of Leeds. Representing the northern contingent were Cafe Moor – beautiful Middle Eastern food from one of our beloved Leeds Market residents and favourite places to go for food on the go. For something sweet there was Headingley’s Love Rouge Bakery with all their sugary, cupcakey, baked goodness.

Having been to these blogger tastings previously, I was expecting the usual casual affair of being able to mill around the vendors and chat about all things food with them. However, this time around it was more of a formal affair, with the event being a self styled “Blogger Secret Supperclub”. Something that piqued my interest given we might know a thing or two about supperclubs! 🙂

Trinity Menu

We were allocated our seats over in the Pizza Luxe restaurant and were given a selection of dishes, from both the permanent residents and streetfood traders, of which we could choose one. Desperate to try everything on the menu I settled on a Meatwagon Dead Hippy burger. Two beef patties, pickles and “famous” dead hippy sauce. After a short wait a neatly packaged burger befell me. I opened it up in anticipation and if I’m honest I was slightly disappointed – it did look a bit ropey and shrivelled. Having said that the patties were cooked to a lovely pink, but everything was so soggy my hands felt like they had been washed in meat juice! I suppose that’s a testament to the quality of the meat. However for the price of £8 (now reduced to £7) I’m not sure if I’d order another one. I think I’ve been spoilt by the beautiful tasty burgers from Original Fry Up Material from the last rotation!


Dead Hippy 1 Dead Hippy 2

My date for the evening went for the Cafe Moor Shawafel, A beautiful plate of their handmade falafel and tasty, spicy chicken shawarma. This is served up with an array of salad, houmous and flatbreads. Absolutely bang on and for £7.50 well worth the money. I’m so glad that Cafe Moor have taken up residency for the next few weeks – once they’ve moved on I’m hoping that people will flock to their permanent stall in the market!

Cafe Moor 2 Cafe Moor 1 Cafe Moor Shawafel

Feeling a bit removed from the vendors and desperate to try some dishes from the others we left the table to mill around the other vendors, purchasing some Harajuku pork and shrimp gyoza. Drizzled in soy, chilli and coriander these were a tasty mouthful indeed. Although a bit of sriracha would’ve made everything sing! (Wrong cuisine, I know!!).


Harajuku Gyoza 2

Harajuku Gyoza

We went back a few days later and Dan purchased the okonomiyaki, complete with fun toppings this was an eggy, savoury treat.

I didn’t get a chance to try the food on offer from Dorshi or Love Rouge, but will be heading back this weekend. I need to try the crispy chicken and a cupcake, or brownie, or anything!

Thanks to Wendy at Trinity Leeds for the invite and Chilled Events for putting on the event.

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