Winteringham Fields

What do you buy the man who pretty much has everything? That’s the dilemma I have every year when it comes around to Dan’s birthday. I’ve given up on kitchen kit and books, and have to having fun days that revolve around our favourite obsession. FOOD!

So this past Friday we finally got to go to Winteringham Fields as a (very!) belated birthday present. Situated just outside Scunthorpe, the restaurant is owned by Colin McGurran, who we’re slightly in love with! Fans of the Great British Menu will remember that he won the starter for the Olympic banquet last year with his “Quail in the Woods”. What struck me is that his food seems to be a fusion of classic flavours but then executed using very modern techniques.

Winteringham Fields Sign

After a journey that seemed to take an age (two trains and a hilarious bus called the “Fastcat” click here for a picture!) and some celebrity spotting in the middle (Russell Howard – in Doncaster!) we arrived in the very quaint village of Winteringham.

After a quick half in the Bay Horse Inn pub next door, we headed into the restaurant and were taken to the conservatory for an aperitif. We actually chose another local ale for this – Tom Wood’s Bomber County. Probably one that suited Dan more than I – it was rich and full of toffee notes (I like ones that smack you in the face of hops!) but a nice drinkable ale. A couple of canapés were brought through of deliciously sweet carrot juice and “cheese on toast” of which I think was Lincolnshire Poacher and shed loads truffle. Quickly gobbled up we sat back and soaked in our surroundings.

Ales and Canapes - Winteringham Fields

After a while we were brought through to the airy dining room. Traditional opulence, comfortable high backed upholstered chairs, (even a pouffe for our bags to sit on!) and clean crisp tables, we were ready for our six course tasting menu. We also decided to treat ourselves to the wine flight too. (£35 for 5 wines, a snip!) We’d travelled long and we were going to have a drink!

Now I won’t bore you with what long drawn out explanations of what turned our to be the next eight courses – there were a couple surprises, something we love to do at the Manor! I’ll let the pictures do the most of the talking.

Cauliflower Cheese
This was exactly as described and was a delicious amuse bouche. I loved the velvety puree.

Winteringham Fields Cauliflower Cheese

Breads & Lincolnshire Poacher Butter
We always joke that this is our favourite course. the squid ink breadsticks were fun and the cheesy butter was a revelation with our warm walnut bread

Squid ink bread sticks Lincolnshire poacher butter

Tomato Gazpacho and Olive Soil
This course was really fun, as the tomato WASN’T A REAL TOMATO! It was a tomato gazpacho mousse encased in a tomato consomme gel! Clever, playful cooking.

Winteringham Fields Gazpacho

Cherry Fois Gras

Again, we were played it for this course, the cherry wasn’t a real cherry. Like Heston’s Meat Fruit inside the cherry gel was a soft fois gras pate. The piece of fois gras there was caramelised with sugar and tasted like a creme brulee…

Winteringham Fields Cherry Fois Gras

Smoked Haddock Chowder
Something nice and clean after the above dish, the fish was perfectly cooked with just enough smoke.

Winteringham Fields Haddock Chowder
Suckling Pig and Beetroot
The pork was meltingly tender, and was offset by the earthy beetroot. the little spring onion was stuffed with curried pig which added another element of flavour.

Winteringham Fields Suckling Pig and Beetroot
Basil and Pineapple Bomb
A fun little pre-dessert, this was, I think, a white chocolate shell that held a liquid pineapple and basil centre. The popping candy added a fun element and we were warned to eat this in one!

Winteringham Fields Pineapple Surprise

Chocolate and Raspberry Gateau

Ah, pudding. The description says it all really. Chocolate and raspberry is one of my favourite pairings and this didn’t disappoint. the tuile outer shell added texture to the soft interior.

Winteringham Fields Chocolate and Raspberry Gateau
Full of food and wine, this was a fun afternoon over in Scunny. Would I go again? Yes, although the trek on public transport meant that we actually spent more time travelling to Winteringham than at the restaurant. The good news is that there are rooms so I would probably stay over.

The food was fun, stunning in execution and delivered on taste. The staff were attentive and our sommelier was as cute as a button! Looking forward to our return visit.

Winteringham Fields

6 thoughts on “Winteringham Fields

  1. Helen

    Hi Dan, pleased you enjoyed Winteringham Fields, I was thinking of you when I saw Colin on James Martin Saturday Kitchen on Saturday Morning, I remembered you said you were going. Sounds like you enjoyed the whole experience!
    Looking forward to seeing you next month.
    Helen……Scunthorpe x


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