Manor Vs Food!

Manor Vs Food

Saturday 17th August 2013, 7pm, £30pp Sorry this event is now sold out

Like many others we are huge fans of the cult American junk food show ‘Man Vs Food’. Its vulgar and gluttonous food challenges never fail to make us feel instantly hungry! Whilst we promise not to fill you to the point of explosion, nor burn your insides with chilli heat, what we do promise to do is to bring you classic Americana recipes from our favourite American cook books.

Manor vs Food, Manor vs Food!

For this event think juicy slow cooked BBQ meats, burgers & sliders, crunchy slaws, comforting mac ‘n’ cheese, and punchy sauces, mmmm it’s making us salivate now! As it’s our summer event we’ll be hoping to utilise the BBQ and make even get guests out in the garden, weather permitting. If you love big, bold food then this is the supperclub for you!

For your own slice of America in West Leeds, book now using the link below!

Sorry this event is now sold out

You may want to read our what you need to know page for our terms and conditions.

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