Lebanese Kitchen

Lebanese Kitchen

Saturday 21st September 2013, from 7pm, £30pp Sorry this event is now sold out

One of the newest additions to the Manor’s library is Salma Hage’s ‘Lebanese Kitchen’ and what a welcome addition it is too. This is the ultimate encyclopedic homage to Lebanese cuisine and is one of the most beautiful and tactile cookbooks we’ve ever owned.


Our Ottolenghi events always seem to be popular, perhaps because the food is still not that mainstream. We hope that this Lebanese event will be equally popular. As a very fertile land, Lebanon lends itself well to very seasonal produce of the freshest quality.

Think spicy falafels, comforting dips and juicy slow cooked meats with hints of earthy and spicy zataar and sumac. These are all ingredients we love cooking with at the Manor and which we can’t wait to bring back into our West Leeds Kitchen. Book on now to avoid disappointment!

Sorry, this event is now sold out

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