A Spring Afternoon Tea at the Manor

As you may know, we do love to flex our baking muscles and crack out our whisks and rolling pins! We’re both keen bakers and we do like to hold the occasional afternoon tea at the Manor.

And that is just what we’re up to this Friday! Whilst this is a private event we thought that you’d like to have a sneaky peek at the menu we’ve designed. We’ve planned a spring theme, given we’ve FINALLY seen the last of the sub zero temperatures!

We’d love to know what you think, would our evening supperclub guests be up for coming round for afternoon tea if we to hold a one-off event?

April 2013 Afternoon Tea

We’ll be announcing dates soon, so be sure to follow our blog to be the first to know when tickets will be available.

2 thoughts on “A Spring Afternoon Tea at the Manor

  1. MeringueLover

    I would definitely be up for afternoon tea especially if chewy meringue was involved. Your latest meal looks amaze by the way. Very sorry that I could not get tickets.


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