April Menu – A Chinese Feast

Up next is our April event – this one sees me going back to my “roots” and we’ll be cooking up a delectable feast of Chinese dishes from Ken Hom and Ching He Huan’s 2012 book Exploring China.

In a departure from our usual proceedings, we’ll be serving up an array of dishes “family style”, which is exactly the Chinese way. There are also a couple of surprise additions, which will be served up on the night – don’t worry, we won’t be serving up chicken feet or other such delicacies!

We’ve tested the recipes and think that whilst familiar, they will give a great spin on traditional Chinese dishes. This event will be exciting and interactive, and one we’re both looking forward to.

We’ll see our guests on the 20th!


3 thoughts on “April Menu – A Chinese Feast

    1. martinimanleeds

      Hi Daisy – new dates (for July, August, Sept) will probably be announed in May. Sign up to the blog or follow us on twitter (@dine_leeds) to be the first in the queue 🙂

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