Yo! Sushi Masterclass, York

Last night Dan and I popped over to York as we had been invited to take part in a sushi masterclass at the newly opened Yo!Sushi, to get our hands sticky and create some fishy delights!

Now apart from a hap hazard attempt at making sushi a few months ago, to me its always seemed a bit too much hard work but after last night’s masterclass we were shown just how simple making sushi can be, despite the strange equipment and ingredients – which is testament to how well the class was run.

Clockwise from top left: spicy chicken iso, masago gungan, crispy salmon skin hand roll, salmon maki, tamago nigiri, cucumber maki

Mike, the general manager of the York restaurant enthusiatically walked us through the tips and techniques, showing us how to make maki, iso, nigiri, gungan and hand rolls and told us a bit more about Yo!Sushi as a whole.

Where possible, British ingredients are used, such as cucumbers from Kent and Loch Fyne salmon (no Yorkshire ingredients, however) and all dishes are made freshly that day.

To finish, we were given some mochi to try – a traditional Japanese dessert made from rice and beans, both in their red bean and chocolate variety – something I am familiar with given my family background, but texturally could be odd for first timers!

An enjoyable experience, we were fit to bursting after so much food (we had to take our chicken ISO and salmon maki home in a doggy bag!). We were kindly plied with enough Saki to keep us warm on the trip back over to Leeds!

The Sushi School classes will take place every month priced at £30 a head, or £50 a couple. Reasonable for more sushi and saki that you can shake a (bamboo) stick at and a great evening out.

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