A trip to Eric’s place

Sorry, I’ve been sat on this post for AGES! We visited Eric’s the lunchtime after our Beeton inspired supperclub and were amazed by the good food and amazing value. I’ve been between phones recently and so I had temporarily lost the pictures I had taken. Anyway, disaster averted as I have found the pics and can now publish the post, enjoy!

I’ve heard lots of good things about Eric’s from various twitterers. I guess it takes a good few tweets before somewhere really starts to cement itself in one’s mind as a destination venue. Housed on the main street of Lindley (on the outskirts of Huddersfield) it’s fairly unassuming from the outside. Lindley has a real up and coming feel about it with lots of shops, delis, bars and restaurants. It felt a bit like a West Yorkshire version of Stockbridge actually!

Eric’s is stunning from the inside. I presume it is recently renovated as everything was decorated to a high standard – bringing the modern into an old building. We were sat upstairs, which was lovely and light. We were sat beneath beautiful old wooden beams. A good start! Having had a fairly heavy supperclub night the night before we all opted for soft drinks whilst we chose from the menu. One of the specials was a deliciously dry and zesty pink lemonade.

On Sundays the menu is a set one with two courses coming in at about £18 and three coming in at £22 – a bargain! As spring was in the air I was keen for something light and fresh and opted for a starter of roasted fennel soup and a main course of hake with mussels, langoustine and avocado mayo. My soup was thick and comforting. The fennel flavour was not as pronounced as I had hoped for but it was all very pretty with herb oil and creme fraiche drizzled over. My dining partners enjoyed the ham hock and black pudding salad and hot smoked salmon with beetroot and horseradish. Both were presented well and were substantial starters. I got to try the black pudding as this is something that I’ve only recently started to enjoy – I’ve come to learn that I like black pudding so long as it is of a good quality. I would have preferred it warm though.

Roasted fennel soup

Hot smoked salmon

Ham hock with black pudding

My main course was absolutely stunning. I wanted a light, fresh main with lots of flavour and I was not disappointed. The hake was lovely and creamy with a crisp skin. The shellfish that surrounded it were wonderfully sweet and the big dollop of avocado mayo was soon wolfed down and went well with everything I tried it with! Again this was a pleasingly large portion. My dining partners opted for more traditional beef and lamb dishes. The beef came nice and rare with yorkshire puds and roast potatoes. It did not look as elegant as the other dishes. The lamb was a slow cooked shank that fell apart at the touch and came with fun ‘apple jellies.’ All dishes came with an array of veg that we didn’t really need and which felt a bit soggy and old fashioned. I was happy with my dish as a whole without the added accompaniments.

Amazing Hake Dish! Yum yum

Slow cooked lamb shank

Unfortunately this is where the meal took a slightly worse turn. We’d been so impressed by the food that we were very ready to go all out and try a pudding. I had my eye on the pear frangipane tart with yorkshire parkin ice cream. Sadly our service was far too slow to accommodate this. We were given dessert menus and then promptly ignored for 20-25 mins. It was slightly infuriating as we had a train to dash back for in Leeds. I don’t think we were being over ambitious with trying to fit three courses in as we’d been there for more than two hours. This is my bette noire in the restaurant world as poor/ slow service can turn me into a grumpy old man in a matter of seconds! To make matters worse when we finally got someone’s attention to get the bill we were left waiting for another 10 minutes before it came, tut!

Overall Eric’s is a good place. The venue is stunning, clean, modern and cool. The food is faultless, good value, filling and super tasty. I found the menu innovative and exciting and look forward to eating there again. It’s a shame about the service towards the end of the meal, but I think this is probably unusual for them. The staff were friendly and helpful but perhaps they just need more of them. I think that the reason we were forgotten about is that a number of waiting staff served us throughout the meal, rather than us having an assigned person from the start. It’s a just a little tweak but I think it will really put Eric’s and Lindley on the map. I look forward to going back and having that dessert!

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Martini Man lives in West Leeds and a is rabid foody and obsessive home cook. He has recently set up West Leeds' very first Secret Supper Club, Dinner at the Manor, with his friend Sticky Pinny. The supperclub aims to use locally sourced ingredients that are not typically found on restaurant menus. It also runs 'wine and dine' events that pair wines (or soemtimes even ales) to food - yum!

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