Rib Tickling Fun at the Shakk!

The Rib Shakk has been on my list of places to eat for a while – what’s not to like about getting your hands dirty when eating food?

Dinner at the Manor Rib Shakk

As part of the Anthony’s empire, Rib Shakk is a great juxtaposition to the refined dining at the Piazza – tucked away in the basement of the Corn Exchange. This is casual, informal dining – perfect for a relaxed lunch.

Rib Shakk is a half table service, half self serve affair – similar to the popular Portugese Chicken chain. However, I have to say that this is where the similarities end.

The menu choices were exciting – pulled pork, ribs, wings all served with a sauce of your choice…you get the picture. There is even a Wall of Flames challenge where challengers are given 30 mins to eat some extra hot ribs that measure over 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale! if they achieve this then they dine for free. Upon our visit, one diner was partaking in the challenge but we never found out whether he managed it or not!

Dinenr at the Manor Rib Shakk

Unable to decide what to have, we opted for the Rib Shakk Platter, which consisted of 1/2 a rack of St Louis Ribs, a beef short rib and 1/2 a rack of baby back ribs in a selection of sauces served with 10 Chicken Wings, Fries, Corn, BBQ Beans & coleslaw. I anticipated that this may be too much for the two of us and my thoughts were confirmed when this magnificent wooden platter arrived!

Dinner at the Manor Rib Shakk

Dinner at the Manor Rib Shakk

Dinner at the Manor Rib Shakk

The meat was melt-in-your mouth tender – it just fell off the bones and the sauces sweet, sticky and moreish. You just need to dig in with your fingers and eat away! I have to say my favourite element was the beef short rib – a cut rarely used in the UK, but one we’re keen to use at the Manor…watch this space!

The staff were friendly and attentive and advised us that should we have any leftovers, we could get them packed up to take home, which I have to say we took full advantage of. The whole platter would have fed 4 people for lunch comfortably. We have 8 wings to take back with us which chief Manor photographer Nick happily had for lunch the next day.

In short, if you are after a fun, relaxed lunch that isn’t a boring chain, the this place is for you, just bring a bib and leave any table manners at the door!

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