We’re giving YOU control of May’s Dinner at the Manor!

At Dinner at the Manor, we’re all about the guests, which is why we want to give the wonderful readers of this blog the opportunity to vote for which cookbook we will theme our May 2012 event on…

The date is still to be confirmed, and we will announce the exact weekend this will take place once the results are in! Martini Man and I have been trawling through our cookbooks and have shortlisted 4 books which we think will help shape a brilliant evening.

So, without further ado, the books are…

Rick Stein’s Spain

We’re really excited by the prospect of using this book – Rick Stein travelled the length and breadth of Spain to seek out real, authentic cookery. Let us transport you to Spain for the evening!

Sarah Raven Garden Cookbook

This beautiful book shows us how to eat fresh, tasty, local and seasonal food. We hope to dazzle you with some new flavours and combinations, and hopefully we’ll have some home-grown produce to serve to our guests also!

The Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies

At Dinner at the Manor we love a good pie, so much so we want to base a whole evening around them! Expect mini pies, sweet pies and savoury pies all from the nation’s favourite 2 wheeled riders, the Hairy Bikers! Expect hearty, filling grub all encased in crunchy golden pastry!

Two Fat Ladies Gastronomic Adventures (With Motorbike and Side car)

From one set of Bikers to another, here are the original travelling cooks, the Two Fat Ladies! Expect hearty, British food with strong, robust flavours. Don’t expect us to calorie count on this one! We aim to make Clarissa and Jennifer proud!

So, now you know the choices, please get voting! We’ll keep the poll open until into the New Year where we’ll announce the dates and the winning book!


5 thoughts on “We’re giving YOU control of May’s Dinner at the Manor!

  1. Sharon

    As I was driving home I was thinking about a theme and thought River Cafe in honour of Rose Gray who passed away in 28 Feb 2010- Their food is always tasty and simple, I have voted like the crowd sourcing

  2. martinimanleeds

    Yes we do have a couple of River Cafe books in the library. We’ll probably do one next summer – although I do find that their recipes are quite complicated for relatively simple things. It is a few years since I’ve cooked from it though, making it an ideal candidate for DATM! Have you been to River Cafe in Hammersmith? I used to live very close to it. It had a beautiful kitchen garden that you could dine in, right next to the Thames!

    1. Sharon

      Sounds a great summer theme I have been there as well and had a great dining experience – I have the books and have cooked The pea risotto and love the lemon tart and managed the Death by Chocolate – I found that the quantities were restaurant proportions so tend to use them for parties.
      On another note I have a connection to Sarah Raven will tell all at next supper club I attend in Feb

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