Dinner at the Manor visits My Home Supperclub

We had the pleasure of dining at My Home Supperclub last night, one of Edinburgh’s most popular and successful supperclubs. It is run by our friend Aoife, who we have got to know via the supperclub network and have since stalked to make her be our friend! Aoife had invited us up to dine at a special event she was putting on for supperclub pioneer Kerstin Rodgers. The other guests were all foodies, so I think Aoife had her work cut out putting on an excellent spread for a demanding crowd!

I’ve met Aoife a few times now and it always strikes me what a modest person she is and that she is perhaps not 100% confident in her talents as a cook and as a host. I’ve never had any doubt at how good she would be, so it was excellent to see her in action. Without giving too much away, her supperclub is in part of the beautiful Georgian new town of Edinburgh – a place I have come to love recently. It has a bohemian atmosphere and a fantastic array of delis, butchers, fishmongers, pubs and bars etc. You never need to go into the city centre as every need is catered for.

My Home Supperclub is one of those understated yet very elegant kind of venues. We were greeted by soft lighting, relaxing music and vintagey table settings. Aoife, like many supperclub hosts, has given up parts of her apartment to be able to live out her cooking hobby.

We started our meal with a delicate cocktail of prosecco with hibiscus flower – very glamorous indeed! Our starters were little breads called dohkla, which were served with a very fresh and intriguing green coconut chutney. I understand that the chutneys are made at the last minute so they are as fresh as can be. This was swiftly followed by some beautiful mini pani puris which were filled with an array of exciting textures and flavours. It was fun finger food and there were lots of positive noises being made around the table.

We were sat with supperclub siren Kerstin Rodgers who is an interesting character indeed. She regaled us of stories of her celebrity encounters. One of which was Hardeep Singh, who inspired the ‘twitter curry’ that was served up as our main course. I won’t spoil the story about Hardeep (mainly because I don’t want to get done for libel!) but do ask Kerstin for it if you meet her! Aoife and her co-chef Meena, of Chai Lounge, worked hard to also serve us an okra and potato curry – which has to be the first time I’ve ever been able to eat okra! The star for me was the bejewelled pilau rice, which was so soft and well cooked. A triumph for the chefs! It came with a warm yoghurt concoction which is spooned over for extra luxury.

Our dessert was a chai pannacotta with mango sorbet. The pannacotta almost had savoury notes, which was great to experience. The sorbet helped to lift it and it was a good end to a very filling and satisfying meal.

It was great to chat to some truly interesting folk including Hilary, who runs top food blog http://mymonkfish.com/ and Nikki a very refreshing and straight talking wine expert. She’s about to publish a book which I shall look forward to reading. Check her out at http://www.convivium.co/

Finally, it was lovely to have a proper chat with Aoife in her homely kitchen. She’s one of life’s good people who deserves all the success she is experiencing with her foodie venture. It was a tough call for her to cook Kerstin’s recipes at the same supperclub she was dining at, but I think she pulled it off extremely well. My only qualm was that I wanted to eat some of Aoife’s beloved game, as well as share in her jelly obsession – which just means one thing really, I’ll have to go back!

Do go and visit if you’re in the Scottish capital. But make sure you get booked in as she won’t ever have vacancies for very long!

4 thoughts on “Dinner at the Manor visits My Home Supperclub

  1. aoife

    Dan and Susie, thank you so much for this lovely review. It was great to finally have you at my supper club. You were the perfect guests. I can’t wait to get to Leeds in the new year to eat at yours. Ax

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