Dinner at the Manor Visit the Crab Apple Tree

Last night we had the privilege of attending the very first night of brand new supperclub, the Crab Apple Tree. Based in Chapel Allerton, it is run by young couple Louise and Dave. Dave, who is chef at the Sunshine Bakery, has an impressive number of restaurant jobs on his CV. Louise, a photographer, takes care of front of house and all of the creative elements – such as handmade menus, invitations and the website. 

Image courtesy of the Crab Apple Tree

We were welcomed by Louise with a refreshing glass of hand pressed apple juice, made from the apples in their garden (which may or may not be a crab apple!). This was followed by a selection of professional looking canapés – We both thought our favourite being the warm chorizo with green olive, a moreish bite! We sat in the garden, enjoying the calm evening with the other guests, who were a mixture of Dave and Louise’s friends, colleagues from the bakery and new people too. Everybody was definitely up for trying the new dining experience.

We were ushered into the Crab Apple’s dining room which has been selflessly created from the pair’s living room – we later gathered Dave and Louise had sold their sofas and TV, and converted the room into a full time dining area. A huge sacrifice but demonstrates their dedication to the project. Before long we were presented with beautiful mini bread loaves. They were warm, fluffy, slightly sweet and served with melt in the mouth, creamy butter.

Then out came the starter of a mixed seafood plate, Martini Man’s favourite component being the super tasty sea bass with crab bisque with fennel – an absolute delight! Sticky Pinny’s was the crab and leek croquette. Everything was very fresh and cooked well.

Stomachs already started to groan we moved on to the main course – lamb hot pot with cutlet and various delicious vegetables. The cutlet was divine. It was juicy and nice and pink in the middle, very impressive. The gravy was quite rich after so much lovely food, but it was perfect nonetheless.

Conversation was never stilted. We were sat with a lovely lady who had travelled over from Knaresborough and who was looking forward to her first supperclub experience. We were also surrounded by Dave and Louise’s friends and colleagues who were very friendly and relaxed and who obviously think a great deal of Louise and Dave. We chatted about all sorts, including travelling, supperclubs, science and narrow boats!

Our dessert was beautifully made. It was an individual tarte tatin served up with a sliver of iced vanilla clotted cream parfait and candied pear crisps. The pear crisps in particular were an unusual triumph – and given Martini Man’s mountain of pears at home he will have to get the recipe! We didn’t think we could fit anything else in but our final offering were stunning handmade chocolates with fresh coffee – it was rude not to polish them off!

We left feeling very full (and still feel full now!) and very satisfied. Dave and Louise are a young and ambitious couple and we wish them all the best in their new venture. They work very well as a team – calm, controlled and friendly. It’s absolutely fantastic that the supperclub scene is starting to take off so much in Leeds.

We can’t wait to have Dave and Louise at one of our events in future. There is already talk of joining up to do one big joint event for Leeds. We’ll definitely be up for that – but perhaps we’ll get our first few dinners under our belts first! But watch this space…

We would certainly recommend a visit to the Crab Apple Tree to anybody who appreciates fine dining in a homely setting and we’ll definitely make the effort to go again.

The evening really got us excited about our first event this Saturday, we’re just itching to get our aprons on and our guests through the door!

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