Dinner at the Manor Preview

This week Martini Man and Sticky Pinny opened the doors of the Manor to a select number of friends for us to showcase some of the wonderful dishes we will be cooking at our first event in October.

We were unsure what exactly the day would bring but surprisingly enough the hours of preparation in the run up were fun and stress free. Exactly what we were hoping for! There was a flurry of adrenaline once guests started to arrive, the nervousness started to kick in (well for me, I think MM felt the same way though!) but we worked through it!

Our guests were friends – many of whom had never met one another previously – their only link was a love of food and ourselves so it was a good test to see how they would interact over dinner. We need not have worried though, the conversation flowed, and the night was a success! To top it all off we received lovely comments about the food too which definitely gave us the boost we needed.

We won’t say too much more, as we don’t want to spoil things too much for our guests in October, but we’ll leave you with some beautiful photos taken by our in house photographer, Nick.

For those of you attending in October, we’ll be sending out the menu later this week, so keep your eyes peeled!



2 thoughts on “Dinner at the Manor Preview

  1. knightofnoo

    Overall a brilliant evening, with great company and even better food. A really enjoyable new experience for me and one that I would seriously recommend to any budding foodie who likes socialising with like minded people.

  2. Adrian

    I loved the other night, thanks for inviting me. The food was luscious, the company was great, and the chefs amazing.


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